EMS Books

Here are some resources we recommend and believe will help with your test preparation and keeping your skills sharp as a practicing EMT.

Emergency Care 11e


Emergency Care 11E
Limmer, O'Keefe, Dickinson

Emergency Care is the book both educators and students feel provides solid and understandable content to best help you pass your state or NREMT examination.  Full of dynamic photographs and valuable features such as critical thinking exercises, margin objectives and definitions, and an easy to understand explanation of complex topics, Emergency Care has been there for students for over 35 years.


EMT Complete

EMT Complete
Limmer, Le Baudour 

The first and only EMT worktext on the market provides you the opportunity to read small bites of information and review it periodically throughout the chapter in features called "Stop, Review, Remember."  Written understandably and with valuable end-of-chapter review and critical thinking exercise features, EMT Complete is a book/workbook combination that will help you better understand and retain your classroom material.

Advanced Medical Life Support 3E
Dalton, Limmer, Mistovich, Werman 

If you have ever wanted to better understand the most common EMS calls--medical emergencies--AMLS is for you.  Using a complaint-based approach which most closely resembles they way patients present in the field, AMLS helps both basic and advanced EMS providers learn a differential diagnostic approach to assessment.


audio lecture series

Audio Lecture & Study Guide
Limmer, Mistovich, O'Keefe

 Have you ever wanted an audio program where experienced educators provided insightful lectures on EMT curriculum topics?  Would you like to hear your textbook's authors telling you what they think you should know?  Look no further.  Leading national EMS authors and educators Dan Limmer, Joe Mistovich and Mike O'Keefe have recorded 8 CDs of material you can listen to anywhere, anytime.

Success for the EMT
Mistovich, Kuvlesky

If you are also looking for a print review product , this is the one we recommend.  Joe Mistovich is a talented educator and author and this book will serve you well.



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